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  • Alright, I hate to be a braggard (no I don’t) but the WSJ totally came late to this party; read the recommendations for alta-wine I made months ago here [WSJ]
  • The big love being lavished on a terrifically big wine, Priorat, is well-deserved and a long time coming [WSJ]
  • For those of us who have a tendency to shatter glass rather easily, these wine glasses, should come as a Godsend (and money saver!) [Daily Meal]
  • I’m running out to find my own bottle of this Spanish gem – sounds like its right up my alley and I love discovering something new….looks like this stuff’s about to hit the big time [Daily Meal]
  • For those of you who prefer white wine and are looking for something off the beaten track check out Pinot Bianco [Daily Meal]
  • A less-than-glowing review of 2009’s Roses from Provence – worth a read if you want to know what to avoid this Spring [Huff Po]
  • Yay for lady wine-o’s….profile of a young Kiwi-ess with a knack for good wine [Daily Meal]

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