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Do you live in New York?

Do you want to drink lots of wine?

Do you like learning about wine while drinking it?

Do you like FREE stuff?

If you’ve answered “yessireebob!” to any/all of the questions above, I’ve got a proposition for you.

(No, not that kind of preposition. Jeez! Get your head out of the gutter and keep reading!)

Second Glass, a young company dedicated to bringing wine, people, and technology together through a series of interactive events dubbed “Wine Riots” are hosting their very first New York City Wine Riot on September 23 & 24th. They’re looking for volunteers to help out with the event on Saturday night and in exchange for your hanging about hard work you’ll get free ticket’s to the more exclusive Friday night Wine Riot.

So, come on – interested? You don’t even have to do anything like retweet this or friend them on FB….because how annoying is it that you have to do that every time you just want to enter a contest online for free shit that you never win anyways?

You literally just have to click HERE.

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I spent all of yesterday writhing in bed with a fever I couldn’t quell with Tylenol until I’d  filled my stomach up with enough Saltines and crying out to my roommate that I must have been the victim of biological warfare or cancer.

Otherwise I’ve been busy with other projects that have stolen my free time and creative energy away from my beloved little blog. Exciting things are happening, though, guys, and I can’t wait until I can share them with you! Soon! In the meantime, I’ve rounded up the most interesting wine stories from around the web over the past couple of weeks….it’s been a bit of a slow news cycle in the wine world. Maybe this 24-hours-at-death’s-door thing is going around?

  • According to Snooth, there are 7 steps to full-blown wine geekdom. The slide show is fun and totally illuminating – take a look and let me know which step you’re in! [Snooth]
  • WSJ does a closeup on Japanese wine, mostly made from the Koshu grape. NYT did a similar piece back in the fall that focused on the ways in which the grape has been reviled for much of its history.
  • OK, so a couple weeks ago the scandal of the wine world revolved around tricking a snobby sommelier. This week, the controversy lies in whether wine pairings are straight up bullsh*t or whether there is magic in finding a wine’s perfect match. It’s NYTimes vs. HuffPo. Whaddayathink?
  • This wasn’t really a wine piece, but its a really great article about American’s fickle trend-chasing nature when it comes to food and can totally be applied to wine, as well! [NYTimes]

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  • A great story from about the difficulties of tending a vineyard and one banker’s realization that growing grapes still, essentially, means being a farmer [WSJ]
  • Sweet wines aren’t just for desert or girls who wear pink glittery eyeshadow…they’re also good with meat? [WSJ]
  • The 2009 vintage proves that Burgundy is still hot and happening [WSJ]
  • Robert Parker, the famous wine critic, steps down from his post as California wine reviewer; also mentions Beaujolais as an up and comer (duh) and briefly describes Parker’s new assignment to document the changing tastes of California wines by raiding Wine Enthusiast’s cellar…does that sound like a thing? [Vinography]
  • Rodeos, cowboy hats, big hair, and…wine? A look at wineries popping up in Texas [Vintage America via Eater]
  • New York hosts the annual Le Paulee, a festival to honor the wines of Burgundy – so if you see more drunk French men wandering the city than usual you know why [Hungry Beast]

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  • You know all about TetraPaks, dear reader, but how do you feel about wine in a can? [Daily Meal]
  • The WSJ stole my scoop on Viognier [WSJ]

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